1. All entrants will be per-entered with contact information
  2. Everyone signs Liability and Covid Liability release
  3. Everyone signing release receives a wristband.
  4. Everyone on property must have wristband

Use common sense: 1) wash your hands often; 2) avoid shaking hands or coming into close personal contact with others; 3) cough into your elbow; 4) don’t touch your face; 5) if you are sick, stay home; 6) don’t panic.  

  • Social distance. That means standing at least 6 feet apart from one another whenever possible.
  • Family members who have sheltered in place together are not expected to social distance from one another.
  • We suggest you wear a face cover when you are unable to social distance or stand 6 feet apart. Bring your own mask.  Use common sense. We will have extra masks available.
  • Position Equipment, inventory and displays in a manner that supports social distancing.
  • Ensure work and service areas are placed at least 10 feet apart from each other
  • Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer. We will have hand washing stations and hand sanitizer available throughout the facility.
  • Please do not offer to shake hands with anyone. Fist Bump?
  • The CDC recommends persons who are sick with fever or cough, the elderly or those at high risk, to stay home.
  • If you know you have had contact with someone diagnosed with having COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or you yourself have had COVID-19 in the last 21 days, please stay home.
  • Respect the local community – wear face masks or shields, gloves and wash your hands when supporting local businesses.
  • Meals will be plated. No smorgasbord.

Do I have to wear a face mask at an outdoor event? 

We recommend everyone wear a face covering when they are closer than 6 feet to someone with whom they did not shelter at home together with.  

But no, we will not require it.