We will camp on private property near the start of the old Hi-Mountain Enduro in Pozo on Friday and Sunday night if you wish. Saturday we will stay on private property at a Ranch in Ballinger Canyon.

Let’s Go Camping
San Andreas 300 overview Map

Directions to the Ranch in Pozo will be sent with Sign-Up confirmation.

There will be porta-potties and hand washing stations available at both ranches.

Water onsite at both properties but no hook-ups for RV’s .

Bonfire Friday & Sunday night in Pozo.

The Club will have a Free keg of Beer for Pozo Martinis on Friday (Light beer and green olives)

Breakfast Saturday morning & coffee in Pozo. Bottled water and Orange Juice.

Sunday breakfast, lunch Saturday & Sunday and fuel stops will be at the same place both days at the ranch in Ballinger Canyon.

The Club will supply dinner and included adult beverages Saturday Night at the ranch in Ballinger.

Dinner Sunday afternoon in Pozo.

Open Bar included in Ballinger Saturday night. Bring cash to Tip the Bartender.

In 2019 at lunch, more than a few individuals who partook in adult beverages at lunch in Ballinger did not participate in the remainder of their ride after lunch.

Don’t be one of those guys this year. Finish the ride on Saturday in Ballinger and then come back and partake.

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You can also reserve your group a camping spot in Ballinger with water, a covered picnic table, a fire ring and a clean Outhouse located nearby each locale. Only one guy in each group needs to pay to reserve a camping spot. $40 a spot.

Mesa Camping and Lodging (Clickable)

Camping spots are 1-5 to the West side. 3E-1E on the East side of the lodge. Plus Doublefire, which is 2 tables and 2 fire rings on the far NE end. Options to select a private campsite are on the Sign-Up page.

If you reserve a camping spot on the mesa and want a fire, you will need to purchase firewood to be delivered by the ranch. On the Sign-Up page. No scrounging for firewood on the mesa is allowed.

There are pit toilets nearby each camping spot.

You can also bootleg and pitch your tent on the mesa near the lodge for no additional fee.

This private ranch is not a dude ranch, nor some ritzy retreat.
The only things ever raised here is wine or beers in the light of campfires.


In order to use the private ranch in Ballinger, we cannot ride on the mesa. You can ride up to the mesa and the lodge, then park your motorcycle in the Parc Ferme near the lodge. Your gas can and an EZ Up will be in the Parc Ferme. Along with a spot to work on your motorcycle or lube your chain. We will also have air for tires.


The Club will have 3 trailers and 3 Trucks. A flatbed with short sides for fuel, a trailer with taller open sides for camping gear and an enclosed trailer if you choose to bootleg Camp.

Put your 5 gallon gas can with your name on it in the flatbed. If your camping, put your camp spot number on a piece of duct tape taped to your gear bag(s) and put it in the taller sided trailer. We will drop off and pick up your camping gear at each numbered spot.

If your bootleg camping , put your gear near the enclosed trailer in Pozo and we will transport and drop off your bag at the BBQ/ Parc Ferme in Ballinger. If your bootleg camping return your gear near the enclosed trailer and we will return with everything to Pozo on Sunday.

(Bootleg Camping): Pitch your tent on the Mesa at no additional cost.