San Andreas 300 Dual Sport & ADV Ride

The San Andreas 300 is a Dual Sport and ADV ride along the San Andreas Fault in Central California. From the site of the Hi-Mountain Enduro in Pozo to the site of the Leapin’ Lizard Enduro in Ballinger Canyon. And back to Pozo.

All-Inclusive weekend … because it has to be. In an area of California few people venture into. If your seeking a fun unique ride, this is it !

Central Cali Map, Salinas to LA

Adventure Bike or Dual Sport Loops.

Club Membership is included with Sign-Up. This is a club ride limited to 60 participants to comply with USFS parameters.


Midway Point

Ride epic Enduro trails in Pozo and Ballinger Canyon. Ride on Hurricane Ridge along the San Andreas Fault.

ADV loops are dirt roads and 2 track.Only use Pavement to access amenities.

Dual Sport loops include challenging sections and singletrack.

The weekend is all inclusive and includes 2 Nights Camping, 2 Days Riding. Seven meals and adult beverages. GPS Track Navigation. Fuel supplied. Local Support.

Camp at a Private Ranch on the Central Coast in Pozo. Ride to a private exclusive rustic campground in Ballinger Canyon.

Portage of your gear and camping equipment is included. Or you have the option to stay in the Lodge on your own cot. (limited space)

This is an inspiring ride you would not do on your own. Exclusive camping locations, meals and fuel & gear portage. Adult beverages included.

The 2019 version will include fewer pavement miles than 2018 and great food from Mario’s Italian Deli.

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2 days ago

San Andreas 300

Jack Penton will be hanging out with us and riding the San Andreas 300. On a KTM.
JACK PENTON AMA Hall of Fame article:
SIGN_UP PAGE LINK: calidualsport.com/flyer-sign-up-link/
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Jack Penton will be hanging out with us and riding the San Andreas 300. On a KTM.
JACK PENTON AMA Hall of Fame article:
SIGN_UP PAGE LINK: https://calidualsport.com/flyer-sign-up-link/


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Watch 'The John Penton Story' about the Penton Family available to Stream here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/pentonmovie

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3 days ago

San Andreas 300

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SIGN -UP PAGE: https://calidualsport.com/flyer-sign-up-link/

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