Go riding somewhere different ?


Ride along the San Andreas fault. In an area few people venture into.

Ride enduro trails of 2 Classic Enduros, the Hi Mountain Enduro in Pozo and the Leapin’ Lizard in Ballinger Canyon, on the same day.

Ride on Pismo Beach on Monday

Ride your Adventure bike on ADV Loops to Ballinger Canyon on the weekend and to iconic beaches on the Central Coast on a fun loop on Monday.

Or Trailride or go on a few Dual Sport loops available in Pozo on Monday. Your choice.

Ride from Pozo to Ballinger Saturday. Back to Pozo on Sunday.

Show up on Friday. Camp in Pozo at a private ranch on Friday night.

Saturday night we stay at a private ranch in Ballinger Canyon which is located in a small valley half a day’s journey from either the Los Angeles basin or the San Francisco bay area. It is far enough from everywhere that it is often referred to as the middle of nowhere.

Show up on Friday. Camp in Pozo Friday Night. Beverage at the Pozo Saloon included on Friday night.


  • 300 mile Dual Sport loop in 2 Days (ADV loop includes more mileage)
  • The Club will portage your camping gear, fuel and supply meals and beverages
  • ‘A’ Dual Sport loops includes some challenging sections.
  • ‘B’ Dual Sport loops eliminate most challenging sections.
  • Easier and longer ADV loops. 2 track, pavement & dirt roads.
  • Start and stay at exclusive private ranch locations
  • 60 rider limit
  • Additional Trail ride, Dual Sport and ADV loops included for those who wish
  • Ride the additional loops on Monday

On Any Sunday


  • Club membership
  • Gear portage
  • Fuel portage to a remote location
  • 6 Meals
  • Adult beverages
  • BBQ and side dishes
  • 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts
  • Camping in Pozo Friday & Sunday night
  • Camping or lodging option on Saturday night
  • Porta-potties and hand washing stations
  • GPS Tracks
  • Ride with GPS membership for navigation
  • Participant pin
  • T-shirt
  • Chase truck & trailer
  • Local support
  • Friday night beverage at the Pozo Saloon

The San Andreas 300 is a classic Dual Sport & ADV ride, the way they were in the early days.

  • You won’t find games, talks, or seminars.
  • You will find an enduro based ride that takes just about all day to complete.
  • This ride will offer you challenges and scenic landscapes and enough stories to tell for the rest of the year.

This ride will be a non-competitive Club ride for riders paying for the amenities with the ride, and not the ride itself.

The 7 P’s

SAN ANDREAS 300 YOU TUBE VIDEO ( 39 seconds)

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