Better entertainment than Disneyland !
The Hi-Mountain Enduro took place near Pozo for 40 years

Rainbow from Songdog Ranch
Pozo Saloon
Start in Pozo
Ranch in Pozo
Sign-up set up in Pozo
Lunch stop in Ballinger
Lunch stop in Ballinger
Outlaws on the wall in the Lodge at Songdog Ranch
Hanging out on the Mesa at Songdog Ranch
BBQ Pavilion at Songdog Ranch

LINK to Press Release and Video

Carrizzo Plain
View from the Air of the San Andres Fault
View from the Air of the San Andres Fault
View from Ballinger Canyon
San Andreas Fault From a Hill looking East
2017 Super Bloom  in Ballinger
Wet Soda Dry Lake
Soda Dry Lake
Hills of Ballinger during the 2017 Super Bloom
Spring time in the foothills
Painted Rock
Ancient Chumash Sacred Painted Rock is now only accessible with an Appointment and a Guide
Ballinger Canyon has some fun hills
Dual Sport Season is Upon us
Beta in Pozo
California Poppies
Top of the FWY looking down Ballinger Canyon
Downhill off a Ridge
Wet Soda Dry Lake
Wet Soda Dry Lake
Erosion in the bottom of Gibbs Gulch
Too much fun
Motorcycle Gang
Tinta Trailhead
Tinta Singletrack
Santa Barbars Canyon
Santa Barbara Canyon
Lodge at Songdog Ranch
Couple of cool dudes
Pozo Saloon
New Singletrack on Las Chiches
Rocks on Pine Mountain
Pine Mountain Road
Road up Pine Mountain
Pine Mountain
Proceed at your own Risk
The Steps
Ridgetop trail
Creek crossing off Las Chiches
Don’t drink the water
Picnic Table at the Top of Pine Mountian
Black Mountain
California Elk Grazing in Pozo
Pozo Saloon
Hurricane Ridg
Carrizo Plains
Ballinger Canyon
Ballinger Canyon
Santa Barbara Canyon